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Wedding Albums by York Place Studios

The spark that started our journey; the thing that first inspired our deep love of photography and inspired us to pursue this extraordinary artform as more than just a few holiday snaps was looking at our beloved street photography books by the original masters of the craft. We pored over them, carefully turning each page and feeling the quality of the print. We lost ourselves in them for hours imagining what was happening in these moments and treated them as a work of art, as our most valued possession.

So when it came to creating a wedding album it was those beautiful books, so precious to us, that we took as our inspiration.

The way we feel about those books is the way we want our couples to feel about their album: not just a collection of singular images put together for ease of display but a work of art, an heirloom, a most-prized possession. A wedding album shouldn’t just be another way to see your photographs it should be the way to experience them. Your wedding album is your memory of your day – open it and you should be taken right back to that place, that moment in time.

So when Digitalab came to us with an idea to create an album that felt like it belonged on the shelves alongside our photography books and showed us by far the finest print quality we’ve ever seen in an album we were more than a little excited. Many discussions later and as Fountain Albums got to work finding the most beautiful range of leathers and vegan leathers and creating a new, contemporary style of album, we focussed our attention on creating a street-photography inspired layout to display our images the way they were meant to be seen.

We hope you’re as excited by the resulting collaboration as we are.


We have a beautiful range of album cover options and all of our albums are hand-bound here in the UK
Our premium full-grain vintage leathers bring to life albums that mirror the distinctiveness of the stories you’re sharing with every single cover being unique. With the passage of time, these materials acquire a captivating patina, weaving their own narratives into your story
An excellent animal-friendly and vegan option, this synthetic fabric closely mimics the appearance of genuine leather. We have two distinct vegan leather finishes with one set of bold, flat colours and the other set perfectly mimicking a distressed, vintage leather.
Indulge in the luxurious softness of our suede fabric, which boasts an exceptionally tactile finish. Whether you prefer a subtle plain embossing or an intricate laser engraved design, suede is versatile and ready to enhance your album.

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