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layered micro wedding street scene in London. In the foreground we can see the bride in her dress, holding her train in one hand and bouquet in the other. Behind and left is a bridesmaid in a multi-coloured dress holding a bridesmaid bouquet. Left of her and furthest away the groom bends down and holds the hand of a young wedding guest with a child in a pram framed between them. On the far left of the image and on the same plane as the bridesmaid a girl in a blue dress and sunglasses stands with her arms behind her back



by York Place Studios

Unintrusive photography & filming for the most intimate micro weddings.

Making small moments big since 2006.
One of our favourite things about wedding photography and videography is just how unique every single wedding is, regardless of the many traditions that typically help to shape the day. From the grandest events and most crowded dance floors to the most intimate micro weddings with just your closest friends and family present, to us it really makes no difference: we love to capture every wedding just the way it was and celebrate the people and relationships between those who were present, however few or many that happens to be.

Whilst we love all those different types of wedding, as documentary photographers (and especially with our street photography influences) it’s perhaps the smaller weddings where we truly thrive. Our photography and films are, at their heart, all about trying to express the personalities and relationships of the bride and groom and their loved ones, and the fewer people there are in attendance the more opportunity we have to fully explore that.

Our favourite parts of a wedding are always the quiet moments, the in-between moments, the times when seemingly nothing much is really happening yet stories are unfolding all around us. Our street documentary wedding photography style isn’t a record of the activities that take place on a wedding day, it’s the story of the people that partake in them.
a very hot day at Voco Oxford Thames
bride and groom leaving the ceremony at Voco Oxford Thames
Multiple small stories erupt between the guests and children at an outdoor London wedding ceremony. The photograph is carefully framed to allow each story room to breathe and embrace the light and shadow of the area.

Discrete documentary style photography & films

When York Place team members Dominique & Matt got married we didn't want a big, flashy affair. We didn't want to spend our wedding day rushing between groups of people we barely knew, we wanted to surround ourselves with those closest to us; the people whose presence truly meant something to us on a very personal level. Every person on the guest list was somebody that we both knew well, that we both loved to spend time with, and it was the best decision we made about our wedding. Because your wedding day is not only a celebration of your marriage, it's the one day when you get to bring everyone you love into the same place at the same time and, to us, that is something equally valuable and important to capture.

And that's why we adore capturing micro weddings and understand the intimacy and chemistry that makes them so special. To us a wedding is not about formality, it's about friendship and relationships and our discrete, unposed, unintrusive style of photography and filming is the perfect way to capture them. 
Photo & Video - A Family Team of Micro Wedding Specialists
When you’re planning a micro wedding the last thing you want is for your photographer and videographer to be a distraction. Our relaxed documentary style means that we won’t ask anyone to pose, change their position or do something again, we capture everything right there in the moment so your guests can just relax and forget we’re even there.

We’re a family team and work together on a wedding day to make sure that, in such intimate surroundings, you get the most out of both your photos & wedding film. We intimately know how each other work and understand which moments will work better for photos or best for film so we won’t crowd your guests or battle each other for the shot – we’ll prioritise your guest’s comfort and work together to ensure that both photo & film are the best they can possibly be.
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Micro wedding streaming. Bride and groom exit the church as socially distanced guests applaud during a covid micro wedding. High view of the exit taken from church balcony
Alonside our recorded film service we also offer professional live streaming services for your ceremony and speeches allowing any who are unable to attend to watch on from the comfort of their homes just about anywhere in the world, or even from another room or venue.

With over 10 years experience of handling the technical side of live events prior to becoming filmmakers though we know that, whilst we use top quality professional equipment, with technology things can always go wrong, and that’s why with all of our streaming services we’ll also record the event in full for you and your guests to enjoy afterwards in the form of a fully polished and edited ceremony film.
Highlights Films or Full Ceremony Coverage
Whether you’re looking for a film capturing the full highlights of your wedding day or full coverage of your ceremony for those that couldn’t be there to enjoy later our expert filming team have you covered. Using additional unmanned cameras and pro audio equipment our full ceremony films are professionally edited to capture multiple angles and the best possible sound quality so that all of your guests can enjoy the ceremony as if they were there. Or if you’d like them to experience the feel of the day you can choose our absolute speciality – creating beautiful short films capturing all of the highlights of your day from those special vows to the laughs and jokes you shared afterwards, all edited together in our trademark, fast-paced intimate raw style.
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York Place Studios are incredible photographers and truly lovely people. We ended up having our wedding in the midst of COVID and decided to go ahead with two weeks’ notice. Dom was so professional and understanding throughout and did the most amazing job, as did her husband Matt who filmed our ceremony at extremely short notice. Despite our original guest list of 150, we ended up as only a party of 16 due to all the restrictions but Dom wasn’t fazed in the slightest and slotted in effortlessly, putting everyone at ease. The photography itself really enhanced the day and the end result was just amazing.