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Low-light Wedding Specialists

Wedding Photographers working in any light without flash.

Photographing a wedding is not just about look, it's about feel and atmosphere ... 
Lighting is so important in setting the tone of the room. Whether it's a brash, bold dancefloor or an intimate, candle-lit ceremony or reception, the lighting you set helps to create a certain mood. Romantic dinners rarely take place under bright fluorescents, even the most avid party animal is less likey to dance under floodlit conditions. Change the lighting and you change the atmosphere and memory of the moment.

That's why for over a decade we've been shooting weddings without flash or additional lighting. We believe it is our job to capture not just what happened at your wedding but how it felt to be there, so that when you look at your photographs you don't just see the events of the day, you're transported back to that place - not just a photograph but a memory.

Not having flashes going off is also incredibly important to our unposed, documentary style - we want to capture authentic moments that reveal something about the personalities and relationships of the people in front of us, and that means we need them to be completely immersed in the moment, not distracted by blasts of light. We photograph (and film) weddings in a discrete, unfussy style - blending in with the guests and getting right to the heart of the action.
low-light wedding photography - groom ties his bow tie in preparation for his wedding. (Monochrome Image)

How do we photograph weddings without flash?

When we first retired our flash-guns camera technology was nowhere close to where it is today in terms of low-light capability. Cameras now can capture images in environments so dark that the eye can barely see, yet despite those improved capabilities we use the same low-light techniques now that we did back on the 5D MkII. Our approach is not to push the camera beyond what the eye can see - to do so results, in our opinion, in an artificial feeling image. Instead we find the light that is already there and use it to our advantage. 

Often it is the restrictions that form the beauty of the image - we hold no preconceptions as to how much light is optimal, we simply work with what is available in front of us. Over the years we've become somewhat known in the industry for our flash-free images, with photographers contacting us from around the world to learn our techniques. In truth though our philosophy is simple - if the eye can see then so can the camera - it's up to us to see and capture the beauty of the atmosphere you create.
Watch the slideshow to see how we handled shooting a wedding photography conference in a windowless basement venue.

Beautiful Photo & Video Without The Flash.

Liam & Dominique (both renowned multi-award winning wedding photographers in their own right) have both been shooting without flash for over a decade and work as a photographic team on your wedding day, ensuring that, whatever the lighting conditions, every moment is beautifully captured. As a brother and sister team they know exactly how each other think and work with the same philosophies, techniques and settings to ensure a consistent look to your images.

Alongside our flash-free wedding photography, our video team, Alex and Matt, also embrace the atmosphere and shoot without additional lighting to create truly immersive wedding videos. Former theatrical lighting designer Matt understands better than most the delicacies of light and shadow and how to utilise it in our films and photography. By embracing this natural / available light approach we can help you to forget about the cameras and stay in the moment; living and loving every second of your day knowing it will all be beautifully captured on photo & film.
View some of our low-light wedding photography on the blog
Like what you see?
Whether you're planning a bright and colourful or delicate candlelit celebration, we'd love to chat with you and see if we might be the right fit to capture your wedding photographs or films.
Dom, Liam and Matt were incredibly professional and true masters of their craft. We are so happy with the results and not a day has gone by since our Celebration where we stopped looking at the photos that were taken. They mean it when they say they are Documentary Wedding Photographers.
We had a great time not worrying about the photography overwhelming the event, it felt like they were guests at the party and we hope they had a great time also!