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Newcastle Wedding photography by York Place - Bride wearing the head of a unicorn costume tries to take a drink of wine on the wedding dancefloor
Fun. Friendship. Family.
There's more to your wedding than the ceremony ...

Newcastle Photographers and Filmmakers celebrating love, laughter, life, spontaneity and personality at weddings.

Documentary Wedding Photography & Videography in Newcastle and the North East

We are documentary style wedding photographers & videographers based in the North of England.

We believe that weddings are about fun over formality, about friendship as well as family. Your wedding day is the best day of your life not just because of the union you share together, but the people you choose to share that union with.

Your wedding is not a photoshoot, your photographs and films are not about impressing others. We don't want you to pose for the camera, we believe in capturing real moments, real memories, real stories of who you are. We want to capture the crazy antics of the dance floor, the random in-jokes with your friends, the perfect imperfections and the incredible moments that happen between the big scheduled beats of the day.
flower girl up in the air at Prince Albert pub in Camden
The one concern I had when using these guys for our wedding in August this year was that our photos wouldn't be as good as the ones on their website... but we needn't have worried, a stunning collection has just been presented to us :) The essence of the day, our memories and the idiosyncratic moments of guests have all been preserved forever for us. If you are reading this and considering using them, fear not, they will be worth every penny.
The 5 stars is not just for the photos, you could not meet more friendly, professional, accommodating, communicative and discreet people as Liam and Dom.
Wedding at Morpeth Town Hall, Northumberland
Newcastle Wedding Photography & Videography
Celebrating What Really Matters
We don’t think like other wedding photographers and videographers seem to think …
Your wedding will be beautiful. The dress will look incredible, your venue decor will be perfect; groomsmen, bridesmaids and all your guests will be looking their best. This is your wedding day and we know how much goes into making it look absolutely beautiful in every way.
In other words the beauty of the day is all around you and, on the whole, already taken care of. As photographers and videographers we don’t need to create beauty and romance or double down on it – it’s already there in abundance everywhere you look.
"We believe that your wedding photos and videos should celebrate who you really are, not who you can pretend to be."
That of course doesn’t mean that your wedding photos and video shouldn’t be beautiful; a key part of our job is to make sure that our compositions are always flattering and show the subject in their best light; – it’s just that we don’t need to try to amplify the romance and prettiness by asking you to put on a show for the camera, we believe that your wedding photos and videos should celebrate who you really are, not who you can pretend to be.
Our job as reportage photographers and videographers is to try to capture the essence of what your wedding was: the fun, the laughter, the happy tears, the games, the characters, the emotion, the nerves, excitement, atmosphere, the way it felt to be there.
We look to capture real stories, real memories just the way they happened. We never want to take you out of the moment on your wedding day so we won’t ask you to stop and pose or do something again, we’ll capture it right there at it happens, using our skills and creative composition to create exciting (and beautiful) frames from even the smallest of interactions.
To us the best thing about a wedding (aside from you guys getting married of course!) isn’t how nice the table centrepieces looked, it’s the fact that everyone you know and love all got together in the same place at the same time to celebrate your relationship, to have an amazing day together and to party like there’s no tomorrow.
Weddings are more than just pretty, they’re not just romantic; they’re a celebration of everything you are and everything that you love. They’re a celebration of your relationship, your friendships, your family dynamic and your unique personalities. We believe that that’s what your wedding photographs and video should be too.
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Stay In The Moment With Our Street Documentary Wedding Photography

Newcastle: An Artful City That Inspires a Creative Approach to Wedding Photography
Documentary Wedding Street Photography
As photographers, the city and surrounds of Newcastle have always inspired us ...
Whilst as wedding and street photographers we shoot all over the world, Newcastle has always been a special place to photograph for us.
Not only is Newcastle Liam’s home it is also the place Dominique came to photograph her degree projects – the place where (whilst studying photography in nearby Sunderland) she forged her craft and began to hone the street photography instincts that are now so key to our style of photography.
We’re incredibly fortunate as Newcastle wedding photographers and videographers to have so many incredible venues on our doorstep. From the stunning castles of Northumberland to the cool city bars, hotels, creative spaces and even the legendary St James Park there are amazing choices for every couple and every style of wedding you could dream of.

Newcastle's International Wedding Photography & Videography Team
One of the benefits of being a family team of wedding photographers and videographers (Liam, Alex and Dom are brother and sister and Matt is Dom's husband!) is that we are each other's biggest creative influences. We share a unified approach to our work and understand which shots will work best in photos and which work best for video. That means that we never fight one another for the best position, overcrowd your guests or get in each others way, our priority is just to make sure you get the best possible shots to remember your wedding by whoever happens to be the one to capture it.

Our family team is scattered across the North East with Liam based in the Newcastle area, Dom & Matt near York and Alex on the Yorkshire coast but we actually travel all over the country and indeed the world! We're also regularly invited to speak at some of the biggest photography and videography conferences and workshops around the globe (recent talks have taken place in Bali, Mexico, Germany and, of course, Newcastle!) We absolutely love what we do and whether you're looking for photography, videography or both we'd love to capture all of your amazing celebrations in our trademark, street-inspired documentary wedding photography and videography style.

On the day, they absolutely came into their own, fitted in amazingly, captured our day so perfectly, and the photos - well they speak for themselves! I laugh and cry in equal measure every time I look at them. Our slideshow lifts my heart even now months afterwards. The online gallery accessible to our friends and family is so user friendly. Thank you Dom and Liam always and forever!

Katie & Andrew

If you’re debating which wedding videographer to go with, go no further! Matt & Alex are the people you want! There are no words to say how amazing our wedding film is! I couldn't have asked for anything more special to capture our day and they put it together magically! On the day they worked so professionally and discreetly, you won’t know anyone’s there with a camera! Thank you both for everything, I would recommend you a million times over!

Charlotte & Tom

They managed to capture the emotions of the day perfectly and brought the little moments that might have stayed unseen, to appear on beautiful photographs. Dom & Liam were lovely, professional and not intrusive at all. We both don't like to pose, so that was perfect for Dom & Liam's style of photographing as there were almost no posed photos taken but lots of real moments instead. They also must have an amazing memory for people's faces as they managed not to miss out on a single person to be photographed! :) Thank you both again for eternalising our special day!

Vicky & Mike
Newcastle based Digitalab are our incredible print partners and we're extraordinarily proud to represent them as global ambassadors. Digitalab are not just printers, they're artists and industry leaders and there's no better way to view your wedding photographs than with a beautiful framed print created right here in Newcastle by Digitalab's amazing team.
Digitalab also create our beautiful albums and we were honoured when the team asked us to help create their stunning new range. We couldn't be prouder of the signature York Place album that they created for us, all exquisitely hand-crafted in Newcastle.
Alongside weddings & events, we're also available to capture family photography and videos in the Newcastle area. Our family photography takes the same approach as our wedding work - focussing on capturing the personalities of our subjects and the relationships between you all in our signature street photography inspired unposed, candid, reportage style. Whether you're looking for family photography in the familiar surrounds of your home or on a family day out (or even a holiday!) we're available to travel across the Newcastle area and the UK to create for you the most incredible family album or prints you'll ever see, in collaboration with our Newcastle based print partners Digitalab.
family photography - a child looks toward towards the camera whilst in the right of the frame his grandmother works away in the kitchen
If you're planning a wedding in Newcastle or the North East and connected with our work we'd love to connect and see if we might be the right photographers and/or videographers for you.