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wide shot of the guests ceilidh dancing in the barn
Bringing more than the memory
Finding the stories that can't be scheduled

Natural, documentary style wedding photography & filming

Renowned Documentary Wedding Photographers and Videographers with an Edinburgh base.

The family foursome at York Place Studios have an international reputation for turning small moments into big stories and celebrating the hidden, unseen stories of a wedding day. 

We believe that weddings are not just about the big scheduled beats, they're a celebration of the love you share and the people you share it with. To us weddings are about family, friendship, laughs, connection and reconnection. They are a chance to celebrate not just a day but a moment in your life - a story of who you are, who you love and how it felt during this part of your lives. A story to pass from generation to generation, more telling than any "smiling at the camera" shot could ever reveal.

Scotland is a place near to our hearts and a former home to two of our team. With our new base near Edinburgh we can't wait to tell more incredible wedding stories in and around the beautiful Scottish capital.
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They captured the spirit of the day so well, and caught some beautiful moments. They were everywhere yet they blended into the environment like ninjas, making ourselves, and our guests, feel totally at ease. The results are everything we could have hoped for, and more! Highly highly recommend!

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

How we work
In many ways our "wedding photography" is not really about weddings at all. Our work is really a celebration of people; of the individual quirks, traits and qualities that make you, your family and friends who you really are. Your wedding day is perhaps the one day in your life where everyone you know and love gathers in the same place at the same time, so what better occasion to capture the intricacies of relationships, the dynamics of a community on such a joyous day and the laughs, banter, in-jokes and intimacy of old friends coming together to celebrate a shared joy.
As documentary style photographers we don't ask our couples to adopt false poses or pretend to be anything they're not; we celebrate spontaneity and simply use creative observation and skilled compositon to capture stories right there in the moment - the way they truly felt to be there. We don't just capture the big set-piece events of your wedding, we also look between the obvious moments to explore the subtleties of relationships and the connections that exist within the frame. Our goal is to capture photographs more powerful and expressive than anything we could artificially staged so that when you flick through your wedding album you are fully immersed back in that incredible moment each and every time.
When we make a wedding film, fun is always at the centre of our minds. We believe your wedding video should truly be a celebration - not staged or artificial but real, atmospheric and full of personality. We want to make films that take you back to that moment, we want to show you parts of your wedding you never even saw, and most importantly we want to capture an original story about love, friendship and family.
The idea of our films is to give you almost a "guest-eye-view" of your day - seeing your wedding day back through the eyes of a guest with the best seat in the house. We won't ask you to pose or do anything for the camera, we want to stay completely immersed in the moment, so that when you watch the film you're equally immersed throughout. To do that we use small cameras, discrete equipment and no additional lighting to blend in and make sure your wedding never looks like a filmset, enabling us to get in amongst your guests without them thinking about the camera. So whether you're doing a handfasting, dancing a ceilidh or having the most stylish black-tie Edinburgh wedding, we'll put you right back at the heart of the action, experiencing the joy of the day.
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A true photo & video team
Welcome to the York Place Family
The York Place team are all family - your brother and sister photography team, Liam and Dominique shoot every wedding together, though they're each internationally acclaimed wedding photographers in their own right. Meanwhile the videography side of things is headed up by their younger brother Alex and Dominique's husband Matt - two vastly experienced videographers who shoot videography in the same unposed, documentary style as the photographs.
A beautiful capture of team York Place by Nirav Patel, photographed on a trip to Skye, Scotland.
Whether you're looking for photography or videography or both, the team spirit runs through everything we do. We don't shoot with ego - there's no competition for the best shots - we each know what will work best in a photograph and what will work better in film and work together to help to achieve the very best shots. In fact we're so in tune with one another that we know how each other think, ensuring that we're never crowding your guests going after the same moments - we'll always look for alternate moments or a different take on the same scene. The end result is a film and set of photographs that look like they belong together - unintrusive, unposed, natural moments creatively captured in both photo & video.
 There’s no words good enough to describe how brilliant York Place Studios were! We knew we didn’t want conventional wedding shots; we wanted everyone at our wedding to relax, enjoy the day and be themselves, and that included ourselves! Looking at Dom & Liam’s work online and then talking to them before booking confirmed for us that they were the right choice, and the service they provide is second-to-none. The pictures are beautiful, funny, and heartwarming, you can tell that this team care about the people they are photographing and the story they are telling. Their art is amazing. The moments they have caught of our friends, family and all our loved ones will stay with us forever!
Bex & Dave
Wedding near Edinburgh, Scotland
bride and groom ceilidh dancing in the barn at Comrie Croft
Dom and Liam are the most genuine, sweet and talented artists who were a highlight of our January wedding.

We had a candlelit wedding, and knew that capturing the lighting was our main perogative, as well as the fact we wanted only candid photos. Dom and Liam expertly fitted into the tone of the wedding, being completely unnoticeable in the intimate church setting, but being friendly and getting on with all our guests at the same time.

The photos of the day speak for themselves. They are everything we asked for and more, each one is a piece of art in its own right
Beth & Tim
We are obsessed with our wedding photos!! We didn’t want a typical set of posed wedding photographs that we would never look at. We were hoping for wedding photos that could capture the feeling and energy of our wedding ... York Place Studios did an amazing job of capturing moment after moment in a way that tells a story through different perspectives, and takes you back to those moments every time you look at the photos.
Ally & Alex
Hedsor House Wedding Photography London. Bride and groom portrait with bow tie foreground.