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Norfolk Teepee Wedding Photography // Kate & Joe

An Epic Party Under the Canvas in Norfolk


Norfolk Teepee Wedding Photography

Even in the modern age of weddings of every different size and style there are still some traditions that are an (almost) ever present; from the first kiss to the first dance to the cutting of the cake to the confetti to the speeches. These parts of the day are perhaps the headline acts – what many photographers would call the key moments of a wedding and the big ones to photograph. Here at York Place though we’ve always thought a little differently…

Whilst we’d always photograph them, for us these moments are photographically little more than the baseline of what we are looking to capture. Every wedding photographer should be able to deliver a good confetti shot, every photographer should be able to provide a few good images of the first dance. It’s the moments between the ‘big’ ones that provide the true challenge and that truly excite us. Many a time we’ve been asked by guests and couples alike the words “are you still here?” as the party rages on into the small hours of the morning, but this is the time when everyone is truly relaxed, truly themselves and we see the real person, your friend laughing and joking like they have on so many nights out with you before. We’re there in the morning, capturing the atmosphere and slightly nervous anticipation as the bride and groom each get ready surrounded by their friends and loved ones. It’s not about the act of people putting on clothes, nor is it the act of everyone dancing that moves us to take a picture, it’s the interactions between people that you can only truly start to recognise when you treat all moments as equals.

Kate & Joe are amazing people and so are their very special ‘forcefield’ of friends and family that surround them. We hope this short selection of some of our favourite images offers a glimpse not just of what happened that day, but what it meant to everyone, ourselves included, to be there.

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