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One Friendly Place WeddingsA wedding photographer's guide

One Friendly Place, London, SE13 7QS
Informal, quirky South London Wedding Venue
One Friendly Place Wedding Photography zebra boy


London, UK
Friendly Pl, Greenwich, London SE13
Industrial Chic / Historic Warehouse
130- 250


Perfect for the 'alternative' couple looking for a non-traditional wedding celebration. 

The absolute ideal setting for our trademark York Place Studios Street-style London documentary wedding photography.
The Queen painting and the little girl, same look at One Friendly PlaceOne Friendly Place wedding playing games


People have often asked us about what type of wedding venue we prefer to shoot in. Now in truth the answer is that as documentary wedding photographers and videographers (and especially with our unique street-style approach to photography) the appearance of the venue itself is not hugely relevant to us as it’s the people at the wedding that we will always be focussing upon, not the location in itself. What is hugely relevant to us though is the mood that the venue provokes and the way that it allows our couples to express their style, their personalities and atmosphere that they want their wedding to promote.
Now expressing personality is what London’s One Friendly Place is all about and that’s what makes it one of our favourite wedding photography and videography playgrounds. The venue is packed full of interesting props, games (table football / foosball always proving a particular hit with kids and adults alike!) and such a strange, mis-matched collection of odd paintings, furnishings and artifacts that it can’t help but inspire curiosity and interaction from the guests – perfect for the eagle-eyed documentary wedding photographer to capture real, candid moments and interactions between the couple, the guests and the venue.
flamingo and guest
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About the venue - One Friendly Place

Set in London’s historic maritime district of Greenwich the venue (built in the 1930’s) was originally, appropriately enough a Spice Warehouse. The industrial warehouse feel has been maintained throughout all four floors of the venue, though palettes full of spices have now been replaced with funky mismatched furniture, industrial chic lamps and lanterns of every variety, crazy wall art, fun props, games tables and a pommel horse, because … well who doesn’t want to partake in a little light gymnastics in a wedding dress?

When it’s not in use for cool, relaxed non-traditional weddings One Friendly Place is actually used as a location for photo shoots and filming and it’s easy to see why. For us documentary wedding photography and videography is all about creating imagery that draws you in and takes you right to that place in that moment in time and one of the seldom mentioned things that really helps to evoke your imagination is actually texture. If you can understand from looking at an image what the surfaces feel like, not just how they look then it only enhances the memory, and the many and varied surfaces of One Friendly Place are an extraordinary canvas for photography.

From a practical point of view the venue, with its 3 main floors and awesome open roof terrace, offers a great variety of spaces to use for the different stages of your wedding day. Though not legally licensed for ceremonies there’s definitely space to create your own humanist ceremony before moving to other floors for a drinks reception and sit-down dinner. You can operate on a bring your own beer policy and there are fantastic industrial kitchen facilities (as well as smaller drinks stations you could set up for your guests to make their own drinks if you fancied!)

The venue has all the stuff you might expect to find in a wedding venue – bar areas, wifi, smoking area, loading bay, 6ft portrait of the queen, 4 poster bed in the hallway, bathtub on wheels … you know, the usual!

All in all this is the most brilliantly bonkers London wedding venue we’ve come across and if you’re looking to host a wedding with a little less tradition and a little more crazy we cannot recommend it highly enough!

We are obsessed with our wedding photos!! We didn’t want a typical set of posed wedding photographs that we would never look at. We were hoping for wedding photos that could capture the feeling and energy of our wedding, from the excitement of getting ready with our bridal party, to the intimacy of our ceremony, to the craziness of the dance floor. York Place Studios did an amazing job of capturing moment after moment in a way that tells a story through different perspectives, and takes you back to those moments every time you look at the photos. Since receiving our slideshow a few weeks ago we must have watched it 20 times!
one friendly place wedding dance floor
One Friendly Place wedding reception


Part of the beauty of One Friendly Place and DIY venues like it is the freedom to embrace or transform the space to make it whatever you want to be. With the space regularly being used for filming and photo shoots the staff and owners are used to seeing the space adapted and changed to suit individual event purposes and, for the creative couple, that represents a huge opportunity to truly create your wedding and nobody else’s.
What’s particularly special about this venue is just how interesting the decor is to begin with – you don’t need to do anything to already have a venue full of personality but if you choose to you can absolutely roll with the theme and turn cool and quirky into insanely individual. On the other hand you could use the space as a complete blank canvas – bring in an events company to drape off the space or cover it in starcloths, install a temporary lighting rig and voila – you have a whole new space that looks nothing like what you started with. With a space like One Friendly Place the possibilities are endless!
“You don’t need to do anything to already have a venue full of personality but if you choose to you can absolutely roll with the theme and turn cool and quirky into insanely individual.”
Going DIY with your wedding certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those who are ready to embrace the challenge it can have huge advantages. The capacity to truly express your personality is, as we’ve already mentioned, probably top of the list – you can bring in all your own decorations, fill it with photographs, put up bunting, bring in plants and turn it into an indoor garden, turn the cabaret space into an actual full blown cabaret themed wedding – with enough time and creativity you can achieve pretty much whatever you can imagine.
But there are also big practical benefits too. You have more free-reign over the suppliers you choose, you can bring all your own alcohol without any corkage fees which can be a huge cost saver and potentially enable opportunities to offer a free bar if your budget allows – always popular with the guests and sure to lead to a great night!
You can lay out furniture however you want, utilise whichever space for whatever purpose you want and design every aspect rather than being limited by what the venue requires. Whilst wedding venue staff will always try to be helpful and embrace your ideas as much as they can, most wedding venues do, to some extent at least, have a set way of doing things. They have a preconceived idea of what a wedding is and how it should be run and that can of course be a huge advantage – it means things rarely go wrong and everything’s much easier to plan. But it can also be restricting if you really do want to break the rules of anything they’ve done before. With One Friendly Place and other DIY wedding venues there’s no such problem, you only have to ensure you return it to its original state when you’re done.
For us as documentary wedding photographers and videographers we see the ability to break the rules as a huge advantage. For us the reception is our favourite part of the day because it’s the time when you and your guests are less governed by tradition – you’re not being told what to do by this stage of the wedding, you’re just embracing it spontaneously and having fun. That spontaneity is essential to our work and in a venue that allows all those rules and traditions to be discarded spontaneity is going to be absolutely rife, making the opportunities for candid, reportage, real documentary moments all the more possible.
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As you can probably tell we pretty much love this venue! One Friendly Place is a documentary wedding photographer's dream, especially for our unique hybrid street photography approach! If you're planning a One Friendly Place Wedding we'd love to speak to you about your wedding photography and videography needs!
queen in black and white

How to get there

5 chargeable parking spaces on site
Loading Area
Nearby Pay Car Parks (Vanguard Street 17mins walk)


– Deptford Bridge Station (DLR Line) – 13mins walk

Nearest Airport: London City (25mins drive, 38mins Rail)

Train via Eurostar Terminal at St Pancras International (51mins taxi ride, 35mins via Thameslink train including 11mins walk)

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