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Celebrating the unscheduled beats and seemingly insignificant moments that tell the real stories of life through the lens. 
stone barn wedding photography. bride shaking hand with relatives and mother of the bride sharing a moment with her other daughter.
Stone Barn Wedding Photography // Ellie & Alex
Conceding Control For Greater Gains
Can you pose a moment? This is the question at the heart of today's post, accompanied by some distinctly unposed wedding photography at Stone Barn, Cotswolds.


A guide to photographing the Seemingly Insignificant


A group of people standing in front of a boat adorned with balloons, captured by beautiful Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Photography // Alexandra & Joshua

The infinite ramifications of why
The motivations behind a photograph are a fascinating thing. What draws a photographer to a scene, why we make the choices we do all comes down to the kind of…
Documentary wedding photographers : a little boy tenderly kisses his mother whilst his baby sister watches on

Pynes House Wedding Photography // Emma & Paul

Wedding Portraits – a Documentarian’s Perspective
Why is it that no wedding portraits feature in our portfolio? The answer accompanies today's Pynes House Wedding photography collection.
documentary wedding group shot

Turner Contemporary Wedding Photography // Juliane & Luke

Is This Something?
Juliane & Luke’s wedding was one of our absolute favourites of the year: amazing people, a fabulous, chic and contemporary setting and an environment that allowed us the creative space…
blue balloon is let go and covers almost the entire frame, wedding guests look on at Greenwich Yacht Club

Greenwich Yacht Club London Wedding Photography

Photographic Vision
Our goal is to capture viewpoints that our couples cannot see. A super-fun photography experience at this creative couple's Greenwich Yacht Club wedding
bride hugging guest after the ceremony at Alpheton Barns

Alpheton Barns Wedding Photography // Jen & Josh

Informal Wedding Photography and Familial Affinity
Taking a photograph is as much about feeling as it is about visuals and when we see the photographs we are reminded of the fleeting thoughts that entered our minds…
bride holding a white fan and an elderly gentlemen in the background at Voco Oxford Thames

Voco Oxford Thames Wedding Photography // Lina & Rob

Micro-Moments for Micro-weddings
Big wedding or micro-wedding our vision never changes: we want to make big images from micro-moments. Voco Oxford Thames Wedding Photography by York Place
groom getting ready outside the london venue Islington Town Hall with flower girl waiting to put her dress on

Prince Albert Pub Camden Wedding Photography // Eleanor & Phillip

Fill The Frame
When weddings spill out onto the London Streets there's nothing to do but embrace the chaos & fill the frame. Wedding photography at La Farola and the Prince Albert Pub…
bride, groom misty wedding portrait at high billinghurst farm

High Billinghurst Farm Wedding Photography // Sophie & Chris

The Persistent Drive for Consistency
High Billinghurst Farm wedding photography and the quest for consistency. "Consistency is a paradox. In striving to achieve it you don't stay the same, you get better".
the bride leaving the chelsea physic garden ceremony with guests cheering and bubbles

Chelsea Physic Garden Wedding Photography // Charlie & Lucy

The Push To Make Better Art
Colour, bubbles and the beautiful surrounds of Chelsea Physic Garden. Whether we're shooting documentary weddings or studio portraits character and personality is everything.
three moments happening at layer marney tower church

Layer Marney Tower Wedding Photography // Elly & Hugo

The changing life of a photograph
Photographs change meaning over time and when it comes to weddings it's important to separate our own memories and emotions of the day from our feelings towards the photographs ...