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York Place Masterclass : Documentary with Bite

Advanced photography masterclass


York Place Masterclass, Documentary with Bite


We never wanted to be great wedding photographers, we wanted to be great photographers.

Wedding photography is an industry often dominated by cliché. By alternative takes on a shot you’ve photographed 1000 times before, by the weight of assumed expectations over the freedom of artistic expression. There’s a continuous pressure to perform, to match the best images in your portfolio at every single wedding, even if the conditions and setting are completely different. But how do you get the best out of the weddings you shoot week in, week out and create bold, impactful, original imagery no matter what the setting, no matter what the style of wedding, no matter what activities the bride and groom have planned for the day?

Through a simple realisation:

It’s not the wedding that needs to give you more, it’s up to you to leave preconceptions at the door and open your eyes to what’s already there. 

York Place Studios is proud to announce our first advanced photography masterclass: Documentary with Bite where we’ll aim to open your eyes and mind just a little bit wider. We’ll strive to help break the wedding clichés, tune out the white noise and find that point of interest that can turn even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant moments into the biggest photographs of the day.

We’ll explore our people-based approach to photography and explain how our favourite images come so often from chaos and from the parts of the day you might not expect. We’ll demonstrate how layered composition, contrast or similarities, ambient light and shadow and a deeper understanding of moments and ‘off-moments’ can take your documentary imagery to another level. We’ll look beyond the stereotypes of the wedding industry and help you to find your unique voice on the journey to being a great photographer, not just a great wedding photographer.

wedding photography masterclass

This one day masterclass will not be for beginners.

Through the course of the day we will look to cover:

• Composition and layering – how to create interesting imagery purely through composition.

• Consistency throughout a wedding – Creating more than just ‘the 1%’ in every part of the day.

• Finding interest in the ‘off-moments’

• Using other styles of photography to influence your wedding work.

• Finding and advancing your individual vision and voice

• Getting it right in camera, not in post

• Creating a clear brand and using it to find the right clients for you

• There will also be an opportunity to have your work critiqued and receive valuable input into your own style and how you might be able to diversify your imagery

• We will also be setting an exciting mini-assignment before the Masterclass to help you get even more out of the day itself.

• All participants will also be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before the masterclass to help us identify the areas you’d like to improve upon so we can help you get the most out of the workshop.

• Matt Thompson, our resident filmmaker and photo-slideshow expert will also be on hand to answer any questions about making slideshows, choosing music, working with videographers or even making your own wedding films.

• Your ticket also includes a one-on-one follow-up google hangout to help you to put what you’ve learned into practice.

• All attendees will also receive an absolutely incredible exclusive 10% year long discount on all Digitalab orders along with a free test print on any paper stock and 50% off any sample products.

• Lunch and refreshments will also be provided throughout the day as part of your ticket.

Tickets are available through our amazing partners Digitalab. Click here for more info on purchasing a ticket or email us at info@yorkplacestudios.co.uk

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