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Town Hall Hotel Wedding Film

A film set in the City

Town Hall Hotel Wedding Film With Dorito & Michael

Wedding Location: London, UK
Venue: Town Hall Hotel (Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9NF)
The Couple: Dorito & Michael
In brief: A wedding in London’s most stylish art deco surroundings and the most amazing emotional ceremony.


Whether it’s late-night 3am debates about composition, travelling the world and the streets of incredible cities in search of great moments and connections or just sitting together watching a movie for the 15th time because the conceptual use of shadow in that one scene just blows our minds a little bit it’s fair to say that we freaking love our job.

One of the things we like most about it though is that we get to do it together. We’re a family team here at York Place and there’s nothing we love more than having the chance to capture a wedding collectively in both photo & film and explore the close similarities and the beautiful differences between these two powerful mediums. It’s always so interesting comparing notes after a wedding and seeing how the same moment can sometimes work completely differently in a photo to how it works in a film and how the difference between a frozen moment and a moving image can tell a completely different story even when based around the same initial concept.

A little while back we shared the photos from Dorito & Michael’s extraordinary wedding at the beautiful art-deco Town Hall Hotel in London and now we’d like to show you what the day looked like in video with Michael & Dorito’s Town Hall Hotel wedding film. It’s so important to us that every film we make is truly unique to each individual couple and when we approach the edit we never choose any kind of pre-set templated structure, we’re always looking to take our inspiration from the wedding itself, whether that’s through the choice of music, the moments we focus on (such as Dorito & Michael’s AMAZING vows!) or even the look and colouring of the film. For us, every element needs to be carefully considered come together to create the perfect film for each individual couples personalities and the amazing and unique way they chose to celebrate their day.

So here’s another little taste of how it felt to be at one of our absolute favourite weddings of last year and to our amazing grooms thanks for asking us to be a part of it.

Matt & Alex

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London Wedding Videographers Matt & Alex of York Place Films strive to produce fun, dynamic and imaginative wedding films that reflect their couple’s personalities and style. Whether creating a stylish Town Hall Hotel wedding film like the above or a crazy carnival wedding with all the fun of the fair, Matt & Alex travel all around the world making creative wedding films for creative couples.

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