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Castle Howard Wedding

A Yorkshire wedding


Castle Howard Wedding | York

A Castle Howard Wedding is always a delight to photograph. We love the architecture of the building, the wide-open spaces and somehow the light is always magical whatever the weather forecast and the time of year! Fran and Neil’s wedding was certainly no different and the amazing team at Castle Howard really pulled out all the stops to create such a fantastic atmosphere for our beautiful couple and guests! It was a wedding of two halves; the first was a “Secret Garden” themed chic outdoor tea party set in the exquisite beauty of the rose garden. Here the guests enjoyed handmade scones, refreshing drinks sipped from fine china teacups and a fun little game of “Find the Secret Key” which allowed them to later find their corresponding table setting as they sat down to feast in the elegant Long Gallery. As the sun set and day turned to night though the second half began; this time a raucous and hilarious affair where the guests played midnight croquet, the band rocked the Castle Howard to its very foundations and of course our stunning bride in sheer elation started twirling and dancing and we were able to capture those special dramatic moments by the light of the building.

Huge thanks go to Fran and Neil for allowing us to be a part of what was a hugely enjoyable experience and one we certainly won’t forget. The attention to detail in the wedding was phenomenal and they did such an amazing job of ensuring that it was the day they set out for it to be.

A delight from start to finish.

Dominique & Liam

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Castle Howard wedding photographers, Dominique Shaw and Liam Shaw are the creative partnership behind York Place Studios and strive to create emotional, storytelling photography that captures the real moments of your wedding day. Based near York and Leeds, the destination wedding photographers travel across their home county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide to capture your special moments.

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