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Budapest Street Photography // Fujifilm X-Pro2 & X-E3

Unapologetic randomness on the streets of Budapest

Budapest Street Photography-1


Street Photography as an art form is far from easy and taking photographs in a European city like Budapest is often up there with the most difficult places to do it. Often you can spend days wandering around looking for images and not find anything that inspires you to press the shutter and generally speaking in street photography terms that’s ok – sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and there’s always another day right? On a wedding day though you don’t get that luxury, you have to find great imagery on a minute by minute basis and produce your best work throughout. Whilst not the norm in the world of street we like to put this pressure on our street photography as well, pushing ourselves to be able to present a full blog post of images we’re proud of regardless of whether the photo opportunities we’re given are endless or virtually non-existent.

On our 8 Street photography trips we typically have a maximum of three days to get great imagery and in that time we also want to make sure that we get to spend time with our 8 Street friends, sharing and collaborating on ideas. This means that we have to force imagery to come out, whether that be through finding an event to photograph, chasing the light through the city or constructing compositions and concepts, continuing to work a scenario until we’re able to bring a photograph out of it. These images might rely on characters, light, truths, compositions, humour, playfulness, spontaneity or layers (to name a few!) but whatever the theme our aim is to get a few photographs that we really enjoy and that help show a little snapshot of what that city( in this case Budapest, Hungary) was like; it’s beauty, it’s charm, it’s unapologetic randomness.

So these are 22 of our favourite Budapest street photography images shot on our trusty Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the new addition to our kit, the Fujifilm X-E3 which we took out for a little test run. It proved a beautiful little camera and great for street, working very much like a more compact X-Pro2: a perfect back up camera at weddings and a great new street camera.

Hope you enjoy.

Dom & Liam

Budapest Street Photography-2Budapest Street Photography-3Budapest Street Photography-4Budapest Street Photography-5Budapest Street Photography-6Budapest Street Photography-7Budapest Street Photography-8Budapest Street Photography-9Budapest Street Photography-10Budapest Street Photography-11Budapest Street Photography-12Budapest Street Photography-13Budapest Street Photography-14Budapest Street Photography-15Budapest Street Photography-16Budapest Street Photography-17Budapest Street Photography-18Budapest Street Photography-19Budapest Street Photography-20Budapest Street Photography-21Budapest Street Photography-22

Budapest isn’t just a great location for street photography, it’s also an extraordinary place for some destination wedding photography and photographers Dominique and Liam travel throughout Europe capturing beautiful weddings across the continent. To talk to us about our documentary wedding photography and videography style or enquire about booking us for your own Budapest wedding photography contact us here.

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